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FAQ's & Company Information

Yes. You will receive approximately 5-10 hours of homework each week, which includes practice exams and smaller, hour-long assignments focused on Writing, Verbal, and Quantitative exercises. 

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Will I receive homework assignments?

Once you've found a class that fits your schedule, contact us directly. If you need to miss a class session for any reason, do not worry. We will gladly make up the hours with you by allowing you to sit a comparable session in another class. 


ATX Test Prep uses Square to process credit card payments.

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How do I register for tutoring or a class? 

The cost of tutoring or a group course includes all homework materials, in-class workbooks, and practice exams. Additionally, you will receive open office hour support with our specialists to work through components of the exam that you would like to focus on. The total cost for a group course is $899. The total cost for private instruction starts at $1,349. We offer refunds up to 72 hours prior to a class or tutoring package starting, minus a 10% processing fee. 

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What does the cost of a class or tutoring include?
Can you tell me about the company?

ATX Test Prep was founded by Michal Goldstein in 2009 with the express goal of providing affordable graduate school application and test preparation support. Recognizing that the cost of education is ever rising, our small team of teachers strives to provide high-level academic support at a fraction of the cost of the company's competitors. Click here for more information!

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ATX Test Prep's GRE classes are offered in the heart of South Austin at 2900 South Congress Avenue, Suite 208, right across the street from St. Edward's University. 

Our SAT/ACT Classes are offered in Westlake at 1000 Westbank Drive, 2B. 

Please feel free to call us at 215-920-9992 if you need directions!

Where are you located?

ATX Test Prep instructors are available throughout the year to provide support to you, free of charge. If you would like to go over homework assignments, practice exams, concepts from class that are elusive, or if you just want to chat, come on in! We're always open

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What is meant by "open office hours"?
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Cancellation Policies

ATX Test Prep maintains a 48-hour cancellation policy for all established tutoring sessions. Once a tutoring package is purchased and started, it will not be refunded. Once a spot in a class is purchased, a student has until 72 hours prior to the class's commencement to withdraw for a refund, minus a 10% processing fee. 

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