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Sample GRE Course Syllabus

Each week, our group courses focus on particular topics and subjects found on the GRE. Below is a sample course schedule from our eight-week GRE prep program.​


  • Week 1: An Introduction to the GRE and the Application Process

  • Week 2: Text Completion, Sentence Equivalence, and Quant. Basics

  • Week 3: Reading Comprehension & Algebra I

  • Week 4: Algebra II

  • Week 5: The Issue Essay & Geometry

  • Week 6: The Argument Essay & Quantitative Comparisons

  • Week 7: Advanced Quantitative Concepts

  • Week 8: Full Course Review


During each session, there is ample time to review homework, practice exams, and other relevant components to the GRE as well. Contact us today if you have any questions! 

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