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Student Comments

I took Michal’s 8-wk GRE class at ATX prep this fall and I had a very positive experience. As a working professional preparing for graduate school, preparing for the math portion of GRE test was an intimidating endeavor. 

Michal is extremely encouraging and supportive of his students while maintaining a laid-back teaching style. He’s also generous with his time and genuinely wants to see his students succeed. An exceptionally nice guy and great teacher!

I went to Michal for GRE tutoring. He was fantastic! It had been a while since I'd been in an academic setting and he never made me feel like I was lacking the knowledge I knew I was. He was patient and helped me address problems from multiple perspectives so that I really understood them. He helped me set goals and work towards them. He went the extra mile for all the students and prepared well for each class. Michal's teaching style was engaging and had a conversational tone that was easy to follow. I wish I had found him back in high school!

— Kaela C, from Austin

-Donna B, from Austin

-Allison F, from Austin

I took an 8-week GRE prep course with Michal, and I am so glad that I did. By the end of the course, my score improved by a huge margin, and I felt confident taking on the GRE. In addition to the prep book, Michal provided us with a workbook he created himself that was extremely helpful. The cost of the course is a steal, not only compared to the cost of other available in-person courses, but compared to the quality of other courses -- Michal really went above and beyond to help everyone in our group, and I don't think that many other instructors (particularly those affiliated with bigger companies) would do the same. I cannot recommend this service strongly enough. Higher education is a necessity these days, and applying to graduate school is particularly daunting.

In the spring of 2011 I had enrolled in a Group GRE course taught by ATX Test Prep instructor Michal Goldstein--I am so glad I did, it has been one of the wisest decisions of my academic career.

Before I began the course I was a little anxious that the classroom environment might be stuffy or intimidating.  Happily I found the opposite to be true; instructor Goldstein has an easy, affable manner and strives to cultivate an environment where all the students feel equally engaged and comfortable asking questions.

The coursework is thoughtfully structured and highly informative through-out.  Instruction included a thorough overview of the type of questions that one may expect to encounter on the GRE for each of the three distinct sections--analytic writing, verbal and quantitative.  Lectures were peppered with useful tips and different stratagems for tackling GRE questions were formally outlined and demonstrated during class.  I found the classroom exercises in which we would actively practice the knowledge sets we'd be required to know especially helpful.  

— Margot, from Austin

— Mark H, from Austin

Michal was a life-saver. When I decided to apply to the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin, I knew I was going need a high score on my entrance exam. Realizing this, I found Michal and asked him to prepare me for the GRE. Over the course of several weeks, Michal prepared me and the results were excellent. The difference between my first practice test and my actual test score submitted to McCombs was + 36.8%. Michal took me from nervous to confident. I nailed the GRE thanks to Michal. I'm now a graduate of McCombs and will always appreciate the help Michal provided me at a time of need. I highly recommend Michal to those serious about achieving a high score on any entrance exam.

I wish Michal had been my mathematics teacher in high school!


-Francesca R, from Austin


I can't thank you enough! I truly appreciate you taking the time to not only accepting me into your class this summer but also being an amazing teacher. I really learned a lot and it was an amazing experience. I've already told a bunch of my friends to sign up for your classes!


​-Paige R, from Austin

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